April 22, 2016

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Wedding Vows

Behold! With this ring you are consecrated to me as my wife/husband according to the laws of  God and that given to Moses and Isreal.

I promise today and forever more to love, cherish and respect not only the you who is revelaed to me but also those elements of your personality that are hidden from me. As I am bounding with you in marriage I am committed to creating a space within me for the totality of your being all of the time, all the days of my life both in the physical and spiritual realms.

We will share good fortunes and should tinevitable adversity pay us a  very brief visit will conquor and overcome all in agreement, prayer and love. During our engagement and even before you expressed love to be I never knew was possible. I know now that God made you for me I believe that because I believe with God all things are possible. From the day we met, throughout our rngagement till now I am satisfied , contented and i have no fear because I know this is who you truly are. I thank youwith all my heart.

I will enjoy you and endure all things with you  in love, wisdom and understanding as they unfold. You are my best friend and now my husband , I have accepted your perfect imperfections. I also accept your words and promises made to me before God and man that you will love only me in ways only a husband can love his wife and to be true, honest and faithful to her in all things whether I am present or not including cell pnones and other human contacts as I do the same for you. 

I pray that prayerfulness, love, laughter, peace, joy, loyalty, integrity, good health and prosperity shall here and forever more be manifested in our lives so that we can continue to be a blessing to friends , family and all those we come into contact with. With God by His Spirit being the centre of this union and with everything in me I humbly commit  to love you forever, to honor you as priest and king in our houshold, our relationship and all the days of our lives as long as we both shall live